Spectro to Receive Major Audio Upgrade


Today Spectro Radio is pleased to announce a major enhancement to the station’s sound quality.

Currently, the station broadcasts at a bit rate of 64kbps (kilobits per second). This was a perfectly acceptable quality when Spectro Radio launched in 2011. It allowed for a decent sound, yet didn’t take up too much data when being played over mobile devices. However, as bandwidths have expanded, WiFi has become more widely available, and devices like Alexa, Echo, Roku, and HomePod have become more prevalent in peoples’ homes, the moderate sound quality just doesn’t hold up any longer.

Beginning November 2, Spectro Radio’s audio bit rate will double to 128kbps and its sampling rate will double to 44khz. That means the audio getting into your speakers and ears will be higher quality and crystal clear, near CD quality stereo and better than FM. So mark your calendars for November 2 and tune in for even more magical audio.

A special thanks to the Spectro Radio family of Patreons as without their generous support this upgrade to the listening experience would not be possible.

Check out for yourself how Spectro will improve. Below are two samples tracks. The first is at the current quality, the second is at the new 128k quality!

Current 64k:

New 128k:

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