The Music of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Night


Rivers of Light viewing area glows with Expedition Everest serving as an impressive backdrop

For many years since its 1998 opening, Disney’s Animal Kingdom was known to guests as a “daytime” park with none of the traditional nighttime offerings that define evenings at other parks (electrical parades, fireworks, fountain shows). In fact it wasn’t just that the park didn’t offer these reasons to stay in the park into the evening, but the park often closed at 6pm before night even fell.

As far back as 2008, Disney had plans to extend the hours of Animal Kingdom by offering nighttime entertainment. The challenge that had existed was that fireworks spectaculars didn’t lend themselves to Animal Kingdom because the noises the pyrotechnics create would upset the resident animals and Disney’s zoologists were adamant that not happen.

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The Music of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

It was said that Walt Disney always had one foot planted in the past and one foot planted in the future. This was evident in his creation of Disneyland with its lands devoted to both tomorrow and the frontiers of America. In fact as early as 1956, plans existed to create an area off Town Square called Liberty Street, which would be devoted to celebrating the history and founding principles of the United States. The centerpiece to this land would be an attraction called One Nation Under God and would have as its finale a Hall of Presidents showcasing each of America’s presidents with a distinct focus on its 16th Chief Executive, Abraham Lincoln. Continue reading