The Music of the Millennium Celebration

14377163504_acabfd74e6_b.jpgMichael Eisner, the then-CEO of the Walt Disney Company formed a task force called the Millennium Committee in the mid 1990s to come up with a plan for Disney to celebrate the Millennium. Their task was to create a celebration that answered the question, “How do you celebrate the World?” It needed to create an emotional connection with people who don’t all speak the same language.

As such, Epcot was selected as the park that would play host to the Millennium Celebration because it presents a unique opportunity to celebrate and speak to cultures outside of the traditional Disney characters and fairytales. It is a place that allows for the celebration of the human experience.

Don Dorsey (of the main street electrical parade and previous versions of illumiNations) served creative director and wrote up an idea for the centerpiece of the celebration which was the new nighttime spectacular coming to Epcot called “IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of earth” on an airplane. There are many other parts of the celebration, but IllumiNations was the centerpiece and the first concept they envisioned.

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